Monday, February 24, 2014

Waiau Pass Track

  We've just come through the BEAUTIFUL Waiau pass track and St. James walkway.  This 113km section of the TA combines sections of 'easier'somewhat flat walking through deep valleys along rivers, with the steep climb over the nearly 1900 metre Waiau Pass.  The pass was certainly a highlight for us so far along the trail, and we had a beautiful, sunny day for hiking.  In the two days following the pass, we had rain and some insane storms.  The mountains around us were covered in snow and yesterday morning when we left Boyle Flat Hut, there was a frost covering the ground. As they say, New Zealand can get four seasons in one day, and we're seeing that first hand.
  We met a couple heading north on the trail and it was great to swap stories and compare trail notes with them. It sounds like we're in for more beautiful tramping ahead of us.  The South Island continues to amaze us with its beautiful scenery.  From here we head towards Arthurs Pass, our next resupply point which is just about 110km away.
  Another brief update as computer time is limited, but enjoy these photos from the past few days.
Happy trails!
-Jetpack and Brazil Nut

Upper Travers Hut, below the Travers Saddle

Brazil Nut, Travers Saddle

Jetpack, near Travers Saddle

Near Lake Constance

Headed up to Waiau Pass

Waiau Pass

Lake Constance, from Waiau Pass

We passed many of these signs along the Waiau Pass track, happily it's not  avalanche season

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