Biofuel is Back as the Future for Oil Heated Homes

Working in the partnership between the civil society and business, the government of UK has announced the first ever “Green GB Week’ (15-19 Oct)”- An annual week that is designed to mark the opportunities of clean growth and clears the question, “ How business and the public can contribute to tackling climate change? ” Replacing kerosene : As UK marks the “ GreenGB Week ”, OFTEC has received the evidence that the effort of UK to approach clean environment has worked a lot to replace the kerosene with low carbon liquid fuel options. It could provide the answer to reducing carbon emissions.

How A-Rated Boilers Help Save the Environment

A Rated boilers are considered the most proficient as specified by SEDBUK (regular efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK) Boiler Efficiency Ratings. A Rated Boilers work at 90% effectiveness contrasted with lower rating (B to G) boilers. Starting a few years back, every single new boiler had to be at least 88% energy-efficient and receive an A rating. Boilers are evaluated A to G (A being the most effective, G Being the minimum proficient). Although there are many A-rated boiler model options to choose from, most households will end up installing a Worcester Bosch 30i boiler, a

High Expectations for Low Carbon Heat Network Funds

We have  warmly welcomed the recent government’s £320 million Heat Networks Investment Project (HNIP) and there are high expectations from this valuable project for low carbon heat network Funds. It is believed that HNIP will support the development of new heat networks from 2019.